Do You Need an Attorney?

Timing is everything.  We provide help when it is most needed – before a major career or business decision, or when crisis strikes.  Here are some common situations you want to discuss with us:

  • I am a freelancer or independent specialist.  My customer wants me to sign a contract before I begin a project.  I need to understand what I am signing.
  • My business partner and I had a falling out.  He is threatening to sue me.  He owes me money.  I need to know how to protect myself and how to get my money back.
  • My former employer is suing me.  They claim I took something valuable before I left, and are trying to prevent me from working for my new employer or starting my own business.
  • I am thinking of going to work for a competitor of my employer.  I signed many agreements as part of my employment package, for example, a confidentiality agreement and a non-disclosure agreement.  I need to know what my obligations are under these agreements before I quit my job.
  • I have contact with my employer’s customers every day.  One of them wants to interview me for a job.  How do I do that without violating any duties to my employer?
  • I have contact with my employer’s customers and vendors every day.  I think I can run a business like this by myself.  Can I tell customers about my plans?  Will my employer sue me if I open my own business and they become my customers?  Can I use the same vendors?
  • My company hired a new employee.  Her former employer just sued us, claiming we poached the employee because she has valuable proprietary information belonging to the former employer.